3 Marketing FAILS that can sink your nonprofit

1. Fail to pay attention

Pay attention to how technology changes the way people communicate. Not to say that the “next big thing” is the right thing for your nonprofit, but If there is no adjustment to your creative content and how its delivered, you could miss opportunities and your organization can seem out of touch.

2. Fail to grab attention

Find ways to engage with constituents and supporters using new innovations. Be original. Original thinking can buy you a second look, and enable you to capture attention in a crowded field.

Using the same message for every audience doesn’t work. Understand the audience for each communication channel and adjust your call to action accordingly.

3. Fail to keep their attention

Reality sucks — people lose interest quickly.  Once you fill the communication channels with new content, don’t just walk away for months.

Constantly refresh your message and stay engaged. Develop a plan to generate content continually and deploy it on a schedule throughout the year.

There are many mistakes a non-profit can make when it comes to marketing (or not marketing). But, successful nonprofits pay attention, grab attention, and keep their constituent’s engaged, and by doing so, your call to action won’t fall on deaf ears.

Questions to consider:

  1. Do you follow trends in innovation? Or do you brush them off as fads, even though they may be here to stay?
  2. Think about your your messaging. Has anything changed over the years or is it the same pitch each time?
  3. Do you take your supporters for granted by assuming you only need to engage them once in a blue moon?

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