CALEITC4ME is an unprecedented statewide outreach campaign to encourage lower income Californians to claim the newly passed state earned income tax credit as well as the federal credit.

We’ve created a one-stop shop headquarters online. Our bilingual website is a go-to hub of information, providing up-to-date resources, content, tool kits, fact sheets, videos, social media campaigns and other user-friendly resources for partners, community organizations and filers throughout the tax season.

Since being founded in 2015, CalEITC4Me has helped nearly 2 million low-income California families receive $4 billion back in their pockets in state and federal earned income tax credits — the most proven way to bring financial security to those who need it most.

CalEITC4Me has become a national leader in Earned Income Tax Credit outreach and organizing, using innovative and cutting-edge tactics to help working people understand and access the credit.

We believe that everyone who works should be able to afford life’s basic needs – food, housing, transportation and healthcare. Yet California has the highest rate of poverty: 2 of 5 people live in or near poverty.

Winning Tactics in 2018!

 After piloting a new year-round EITC organizing model, CalEITC4Me is thrilled to announce incredible results — more than 1.4 million Californians claimed the Cal EITC in 2018. Over $342 million of CalEITC was put directly into the pockets of the low-income families we served on top of the overall $2 billion of federal EITC these families were able to earn.

As part of our year-round outreach, we:

  • Reached over 1 million parents throughout the state with our back-to-school program
  • Texted over 1.2 million low-income individuals in both English and Spanish
  • Reached over 1.5 million individuals on Facebook
  • Held over 200 events around the state
  • Distributed over 1 million pieces of collateral material provided to our partners in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, and for the first time in Vietnamese

What people are saying about CalEITC4Me:

“Record number of Californians are benefiting from the Earned Income Tax Credit thanks to the outreach efforts of government agencies and advocates like CalEITC4Me. That means more money in the pockets of working families and more money going into local stores and businesses.”

-Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly

Who CalEITC4Me helps:

  • The Cal EITC particularly benefits people of color. About two-thirds of workers who are likely eligible to claim the credit (68 percent) are people of color, Latinos accounting for the largest share.
  • The Cal EITC benefits women. According to the National Women’s Law Center, 2/3 of low-wage workers are women. Women constitute 59% of tax filers likely eligible for the Cal EITC and 70% of Cal EITC-eligible filers with children.
  • ALL working people making $22,300 or below – the equivalent of full-time minimum wage. The income threshold will be raised in 2019 to account for the 50¢ increase to minimum wage.
  • The Cal EITC benefits children. According to the Franchise Tax Board, 9 of 10 Cal EITC dollars goes to families with school-aged children. Among children eligible to benefit from the Cal EITC, 4 in 5 are children of color, and more than half are Latino.
  • ALL self-employed workers making $22,300 or below – in prior years only W-2 workers were covered, excluding entrepreneurs and business owners, gig-economy workers, and a growing portion of our economy.
  • 2019 age expansion! Next year, the Cal EITC will be available to workers from age 18-24, and over the age of 65.

What people say who are helped by CalEITC4Me:

“I was born and raised in East Los Angeles. I attend East Los Angeles College majoring in Sociology to work in the social work field. I am living on my own and this tax refund is helping me survive in the city of LA, where rent skyrocketed after I graduated high school. I learned about the Cal EITC through Community Lawyers, Inc. They educated me on how I can get a tax credit if I filed my taxes. I was not going to file for taxes, but I thanks to CLI for educating me on this tax refund, I am now going to use that money to save it for any future emergency and for rent.”

— Jacqueline Ramon

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