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Let us help you change the world for good — starting today!

We understand your challenge of running a growing non-profit. You are working with a limited budget and your money must be (and should be) invested directly into funding the services that support your core mission objectives. Staffing and loading up on marketing specialists is not at the top of your priority list.

CauseLaunch provides creative services to support your in-house Development Team:

  • We can relaunch your website to be more SEO- and mobile-friendly
  • We can re-energize your social media feeds with share-worthy content, such as infographics highlighting the positive impact your services are making in the communities you serve
  • We can design email campaigns and create content for your digital marketing strategy
  • We can design annual reports, proposals, flyers and brochures that you’ll be excited to share with your donor community and constituents

With CauseLaunch backing you up, your organization has a greater chance of converting a fringe supporter to a committed constituent.