Why use CauseLaunch?

CauseLaunch, a Los Angeles based company, has the know-how, and experience to develop top-notched digital and print content that accentuates your organization to make it more visible, which in turn, multiplies supporters, and increases your donor base.

We understand your challenge of running a growing non-profit. You are working with a limited budget and your funds must be (and should be) invested directly into funding the services that support your mission goals — as your board of directors would expect. Staffing and loading up on marketing specialists is not at the top of your to-do list. Some non-profits resort to the office manager doubling as a marketing associate. Is that you?

CauseLaunch provides the services to tackle your marketing needs with experience and professionalism:

– We can build, or relaunch your website to be functional, secure, mobile-friendly, and more attractive
– We can re-energize your social media feed with share-worthy content, and infographics highlighting the positive impact your services are making in the communities you serve
– We can create Annual Appeal email campaigns that demand to get noticed
– We can design annual reports and brochures that you can be proud of, and eager to leave behind wherever you go

But, CauseLaunch goes a step further:

– We train your staff on how to use social media more effectively
– We train you on how to manage and update your website
– We train you on how to use tools to build email campaigns
– We share our knowledge of how to improve your website SEO

Your mission will become our passion.

Let us help you change the world for good — starting today!

Contact CauseLaunch today.