Together, let's change the world — for good

New normal? No problem!

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to us all, we can accomplish what we set out to even if it has to be done completely remotely.

As a design studio, we want to assure you that even if you’re not based in the same city as we are, we can still work with you remotely and produce quality work. Our passion for supporting good causes extends beyond our city’s borders.

In fact, even before the pandemic, we were already working remotely with two organizations; Recovery Cafe San Jose, and Golden State opportunity.

Once we establish a working relationship with any nonprofit, we are an email, a phone call, or a Zoom meeting away. 

A word from Robert Cooper, CauseLaunch founder:

I worked in the for-profit world out of college and spent time as an art director at an ad agency. After a stint in advertising, I landed a job with the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles. Then my eyes were opened — using my skills to serve the community was much more rewarding.

After working within the American Red Cross communications department for more than 10 years, I left and worked several years as a freelance designer and web developer with an emphasis on serving nonprofits. Eventually, I was inspired to start CauseLaunch, a design consultancy that focuses on producing high-quality graphic design and web development for nonprofit organizations.

Reflecting back, it was great working with American Red Cross, an organization with a six-figure marketing budget. But in reality, most nonprofits don’t have the deep-pockets to hire a full-time graphic designer and web developer. Through CauseLaunch, my goal is to provide that missing talent nonprofits need to execute their marketing plans with greater effectiveness. 

I have rebuilt websites to help nonprofits gain supporters while keeping constituents engaged, produced eye-catching social media graphics to energize advocacy campaigns, and developed compelling impact reports that grabbed the attention of policy-makers. To that end, knowing that my talent and effort is helping to change the world — for good — has made me proud to serve the nonprofit sector.

I believe any nonprofit would benefit from my involvement in redesigning their website and supporting any of their other communication and marketing initiatives. For me, it would not be just another project to add to a resume, but rather an opportunity to support a team and add my voice (through the use of my talent) to help shape policy and educate the public about issues affecting our future.

— Rob