Website Maintenance

Your nonprofit website is a tireless advocate that promotes your cause 24/7. Time to treat it with respect!

It’s not a waste of money to ensure your website remains secure and safe from hackers.

Signing up for a short term website maintenance agreement is a wise decision to avoid experiencing malfunctions that could cripple your website. A nonprofit website that appears unsafe to potential donors could make them have second thoughts about using your online donation form.

Second to keeping your website safe and secure, a maintenance agreement can provide you with a resource to keep content fresh and updated as-needed. There’s nothing worse than giving your supporters the impression that no one’s home.

Examine your budget, petition the Board of Directors to approve funding, or go after a grant that specifically supports website improvements and maintenance.

We’ll focus on website security and content updates while you focus on your mission.

If you have the financing now, then we’re ready to help!

CauseLaunch provides affordable website maintenance to ensure your site stays up-and-running 24/7, and with fresh content updates.